Saturday, April 27, 2013

Favorite Photographs

I think that another feature I would like to post on my blog is my favorite pictures! These pictures could be recent (like favorite photos of the week) or some of my favorite pictures of all time! (That sounds dramatic! haha) I'm going to put a mixture of photos that I have taken and pictures that just really caught my eye or that I want to share. This week's are all my photos.

So here it is! 

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  1. Haley these are some really great photos! I especially like the crazy caterpillar:) I wanted to thank you so much for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. This amazing feature will be closing at the end of June, in just a few days. I would love for you to continue to be a part of our Sweet Dreams community by following me on Bloglovin', a reader similar to Google Reader and Friend Connect.
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